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Success Story: Taos Lifestyle

Dedicated to a customer experience


For Mattress Mary Domito, every year seems to bring something new. In recent years, we’ve seen a relocation and expansion of the Taos store, the opening of Alamosa Home and the debut of the Sleep & Dream brand in Santa Fe.

But all of this activity wouldn’t be possible without 13 years (lucky 13?) of building a successful Mattress Mary’s Taos Lifestyle in the Albertson’s shopping center.

“Taos is home, and always will be,” said Mary Domito, aka Mattress Mary, during a recent interview in her Taos office. “We are very happy with the strong, quality brands we carry that keep us at the top of the home furnishing business in Taos.”

And, she is very grateful for the sales team at the Taos store — a group of dedicated retail professionals who keep the flagship store humming so that Mary can expand the brand.

Judy Follmer and Naomi Sheffield have been at Mattress Mary’s Taos Lifestyle for nine years. Follmer, dubbed the “captain of the ship,” is a professional designer who helps customers match their furnishings with their home’s design. She makes house calls to lend her designing expertise to home furnishing selection. Sheffield loves to work at the Taos store to provide great customer service.

“We are committed to a brick-and-mortar, in-store presence,” she said. “In this day of online sales, we are still dedicated to a customer experience at the store.”

Essential to the success of Mattress Mary’s Taos Lifestyle has been its solid delivery team, led by operations manager Sean Murray and Andy Garcia. And, Mary is “thrilled” to have new hire Kim Van Deman, formerly at Taos Mountain Outfitters and Bed Bath & Beyond: “She is able to put her years of sales and operations experience into Taos Lifestyle.”

 The year 2016 was a challenge for the home furnishings business in Northern New Mexico, but the market is moving upward, Mary said. The “page has been turned” on a soft real estate market and confusing national elections, and people are starting to invest in Taos.

“We are bullish on Taos in the next 3-5 years,” she said.

Up the road in Colorado, the Alamosa Home store has been “more than meeting our expectations” — so much so that it will be taking over the remaining 3,000 square feet of the historic Masonic Building in downtown Alamosa — with a mid-August opening date.

“The Alamosa market is very similar to Taos,” Mary said. “The people are hard working, they support local businesses, and the people in the outlying areas come to town to do their business. I am thrilled by where we are at in Alamosa.”

In Santa Fe, the first Sleep & Dream store opened at the start of this year in the popular Trader Joe’s shopping center. Mary partnered up with her former Serta Mattress representative Sharon Scott, to bring a high-end “concept” mattress shopping experience to The City Different. Luxury brands like Hästens, Vispring, Posh+Lavish and Eclipse Bed-In-A Box adorn the floor, where about 90 percent of the beds in the showroom are 100 percent natural.

“The boutique luxury brands fit into our formula of offering professional, curated brands at prices that are accessible to most budgets,” Mary said.

As for that future, the Sleep & Dream brand is about to go national. Mary is looking for locations in Houston, with an eye for creating a nationwide brand of luxury “concept” mattress stores bearing that name.

“I follow my intuition, my gut,” said Mary. “Intuition is borne out of knowledge and experience. I take what I’ve learned and been through, and then the voice in my gut decides it for me.”

Expanding her mattress and home furnishing business comes like a chemical reaction to Mattress Mary; One thing leads naturally to the next.

“The Taos store’s success produced the Alamosa store,” she said. “Then, Sharon Scott lost her job at Serta right when I was thinking about starting Sleep & Dream. That produced a partnership that will push us into the future.

“Without the success in Taos, none of this could have happened.”