Stargazer: May 21- 27

By Ken Bresee
Posted 5/21/20

You're always just a gentle stroll from destiny.

Peer through the keyhole and see what's in store for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!

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Stargazer: May 21- 27


ARIES - With the sun sliding into Gemini today (Thursday), you are apt to feel more yourself as this airy sign fans your Aries fire. The Gemini new moon this weekend is favorable for putting your plans into motion, so don't delay. Monday/Tuesday could be riddled with irksome details, but eases up by Wednesday.

TAURUS - With the sun moving into Gemini, this is a good time for catching up with communications, especially with Venus and Mercury here as well. This could feel a bit frenetic but things calm down as the moon shifts into your sign this Thursday/Friday. But the weekend new moon puts you back in high gear.

GEMINI - This is your time, Gemini, and with the sun, Venus and Mercury all in your sign, you are likely on edge, which the Gemini new moon this weekend will exaggerate. Even you can't do everything at once, so take things one at a time as you can easily get into a spin. You are more settled as we approach early next week.

CANCER - As much as you would like to have a laid-back weekend, Cancer, it is highly unlikely with the new moon joining up with the sun and Mercury and Venus in Gemini. Don't be surprised if unexpected guests drop in, or the phone rings off the hook. Early next week promises a more even flow.

LEO - You're feeling celebratory this weekend with the new moon, sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini, sparking your creative spirit into gear. Let go and have fun, Leo. Next Tuesday/Wednesday can be stressful with the moon in your sign, which can greatly exaggerate your emotions. It would best not to overdo as you can take on too much.

VIRGO - With three planets joining the new moon in Gemini this weekend, Virgo, you are likely to feel distracted as this is in square (stress) to your sign. Put off till early next week those chores that are so pressing, as the Cancer moon early next week will prove more conducive to getting things done.

LIBRA - As the sun steps into its annual trek into Gemini, it conjoins Venus, Mercury and the sun along with the new moon this weekend. This favors your sign and promises fun and likely romance. You're energetic and upbeat until Monday, when the Cancer moon subdues your mood with a dose of mundane reality.

SCORPIO - The Taurus moon Thursday/Friday opposes your sign, which is passionate but perhaps a bit over the top. The sun, Mercury, Venus and new moon this weekend in Gemini could prove irritating as everyone around you is in a chatty, social mood. Stop obsessing and lighten up, Scorpio. Early week has you in a focused, productive place.

SAGITTARIUS - With four planets in Gemini this weekend, there can be great vacillation as you weigh many options. Gemini opposes you and can prompt impulsive behavior. Take a walk, get out and move this anxious energy, as you're wound like a top, Sagittarius. You might plan an imminent adventure

CAPRICORN - You are most productive Thursday and Friday with the Taurus moon supporting your sign. You're likely to feel scattered this weekend with the new moon and three planets in Gemini. Put off those home projects and spend quality time with those you love. An important decision will need be made come next Monday.

AQUARIUS - You're exploding with new ideas, Aquarius, as the new moon this weekend in Gemini, along with Mercury, sun and Venus, favors your sign and has you scrambling in many directions. A great time to catch up with long-lost friends during this outgoing, social time.

PISCES - This Gemini time we are now in as of this Thursday, along with Mercury and Venus and the new moon this weekend, is mentally stimulating, but could prove exhausting, as you attempt to make everyone happy. Take time to take care of your personal needs, which you're inclined to ignore.


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