Stargazer: May 28-June 3

By Ken Bresee
Posted 5/28/20

The book is open and the next page is about to turn.

Prepare yourself as the next wave of plot twists arrives for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!

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Stargazer: May 28-June 3


ARIES - Thursday/Friday keep you moving in many directions, Aries, as the fiery Leo moon and three Gemini planets build up the momentum. You get to pull back and recoup this weekend with the Virgo moon, which stabilizes and brings you back down to earth. Family interests dominate your time throughout next week.

TAURUS - You're feeling hassled Thursday/Friday as the Leo moon exaggerates your emotions. You could easily overreact, so watch your temper and go with the flow, Taurus. The weekend is calming and conducive to home projects. By early next week, you'll likely be faced with a major decision.

GEMINI - With Mars in tension to your sign in Pisces throughout next week, but especially this weekend with the moon in Virgo, there can be interruptions, and unexpected issues that can prove irritating. You're feeling pushed and are impatient as you deal with delays. Tie things up today (Thursday) through tomorrow, and you'll be less anxious this weekend.

CANCER -This coming weekend is comfortable with the Virgo moon favoring your sign, Cancer, so rest up. The Libra moon Monday/Tuesday keeps you on your toes as you try to catch up with unfinished business. There is a welcome break from the frenzy by Wednesday, so get things done early in the week.

LEO - Tonight and tomorrow should prove entertaining as you are upbeat and feeling outgoing with the fiery Leo moon in your sign. The weekend is relatively uneventful, but productive as you confront projects you have put off. Monday/Tuesday is conducive to any negotiating which has been pending.

VIRGO -Yikes! With warrior Mars continuing to oppose you and with the moon in your sign this weekend, you might be feeling picked on by the universe. Get out of your head and attempt to do nothing well. By Wednesday you're back in the groove, so let go on the nonessentials and chillax.

LIBRA - You move into the weekend with a pile of unfinished business. Don't let this weigh you down, but approach each chore one at a time. With the moon in your sign Monday/Tuesday you are yourself and ready to tackle whatever comes your way, Libra. By Wednesday you get to take a break and reassess your status.

SCORPIO - You just want to be alone, but there are necessary business and social connections you need to make Thursday/Friday. The Virgo moon this weekend favors you and allows for some personal introspection. Likely a busy early week, with some breathing room by next Wednesday.

SAGITTARIUS - You're overwhelmed with too much going on, which will come to a head this weekend as you're likely to speak your mind with the Virgo moon and Pisces Mars keeping you on edge. It would be best to work out and to physically release pent-up stress. You get some relief by next Tuesday/Wednesday.

CAPRICORN - The earthy Virgo moon provides the positive impetuous you need to create greater order in your life this weekend, as you are back in the groove after a grueling week. Monday/Tuesday will prompt a major decision as you get off the fence and decide what you really want, Capricorn.

AQUARIUS - You're feeling hot and cold and up and down, Thursday/Friday, with the Leo moon opposing you, Aquarius. You are more even-tempered and grounded by the weekend, as the Virgo moon helps to center your emotions. Some exciting new options present themselves by early next week.

PISCES - This coming weekend could be explosive as the Virgo moon is opposed by aggressive Mars which is sitting on your sign, Pisces. You are likely to be a bit rash and impulsive, so think things through. By next week you are better able to get back in motion as you're feeling more decisive.


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