Stargazer: June 25 - July 1, 2020

by Ken Bresee
Posted 6/25/20

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The stars align for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!

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Stargazer: June 25 - July 1, 2020


ARIES - You're moving at a fast clip today (Thursday) as the Leo moon supports your fiery temperament. The Virgo moon Friday/Saturday brings things to a standstill as you deal with a myriad of details that have been piling up. Some big business decisions likely this coming Monday, with the Libra moon opposing you.

TAURUS - You're back on track this weekend with the earthy Virgo moon supporting your plans. By late Sunday/Monday, there are important decisions that need to be negotiated, with the Libra moon demanding some objectivity. Show some flexibility and consider and weigh your words.

GEMINI - With your ruling planet (Mercury) retrograde and in the hypersensitive sign of Cancer, there are likely delays as you weed out those individuals who are resisting your efforts. Late Sunday/Monday brings in greater cooperation with the Libra moon favoring your sign Gemini.

CANCER - Happy Birthday, Cancer! This is a perfect time for introspection with retrograde Mercury in your sign. The Virgo moon this weekend affords you some relief as you catch up with family matters. The early week could prove challenging as the Libra moon pushes you abruptly back into the hub of responsibilities.

LEO - You're upbeat Thursday (Leo moon), but recede into a tedious weekend, as social events are likely replaced with responsibilities and duties on the home front. By Tuesday/Wednesday you are ready to conquer the world as you propose a new business plan. Your Lion charm could open new doors of opportunity.

VIRGO - This is your weekend, Virgo, with the nurturing moon in your sign. You're able to catch a breath and to disconnect from your normal endless list of chores and duties. As Neptune continues to oppose your sign, you are likely feeling a bit fuzzy and unfocused, but more relaxed than usual. Don't fight it, Virgo.

LIBRA - Best to lie low during this time we're in with Mercury retrograde and the sun in Cancer. Pull back and consider some new strategies from behind the scenes, rather than jumping impulsively into things. Late Sunday/Monday has you back in motion with the moon in your sign Libra.

SCORPIO - You're downright grumpy this Thursday with the Leo moon squaring (in tension) to your sign, but will feel back in full swing by next Tuesday/Wednesday as the moon shifts into your sign. This provides some insight that could prove inspiring, Scorpio! Trust your gut and hold to your inner convictions.

SAGITTARIUS - As much as you need a break from everything, Sagittarius, it is not likely until early next week. The Virgo moon this weekend holds you hostage around unfinished business. You're in a better position early week as the airy Libra moon will provide some relief and a much-needed escape.

CAPRICORN - You've been under much pressure lately with the sun and retrograde Mercury both in the opposite sign of Cancer. This weekend feels less onerous as you recoup with the steadying influence of the Virgo moon, which brings some renewed order to your life. Take a break, Capricorn.

AQUARIUS - You're feeling tugged at this Thursday, as the Leo moon exaggerates your emotions. Try not to overreact as it can be difficult not to impose your opinions. The early week is easier as the Libra moon provides greater diplomacy and patience.

PISCES - The Virgo moon this weekend is grounding, but also opposes your sign and demands attention to details recently put off. With Mercury in retrograde in watery Cancer, you would do best to work more from behind the scenes and to adopt a more introspective stance.


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