Stargazer: April 2-8

By Ken Bresee
Posted 4/2/20

What does your immediate future have in store?

Check out the latest advice for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!

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Stargazer: April 2-8


ARIES – This weekend is upbeat with the Leo moon energizing your sign. Lockdown is especially hard for you, Aries, and melancholy can set in during the Libra full moon Tuesday through Wednesday, which exaggerates your emotions. Best to get out and take a hike to release pent-up stress and tension. Try not to overreact.

TAURUS – Friday through the weekend is jarring with the Leo moon, which is in stress to your sign, Taurus. By Monday you’re back in charge and feeling more centered. The full moon late Tuesday/Wednesday demands a break from work and more leisure time. Use this social downtime to attend to personal needs.

GEMINI – You’re feeling trapped during this health crisis, Gemini, and have difficulty staying put. The myriad of details on your plate Sunday through Tuesday needs to be addressed one at a time. The world is not accommodating your busy Gemini head. By late Tuesday into Wednesday, the Libra full moon favors your sign and sparks enthusiasm.

CANCER – With the moon in your sign Thursday you’re feeling more vulnerable, and deeply concerned about finances throughout the weekend. By Tuesday into Wednesday, the Libra full moon can incline impulsivity and obsessive behavior, so meditate and withdraw into your happy Hobbit hole, Cancer.

LEO – The moon falls in your sign this weekend, Leo, and fires you up! You’re feeling more social during this time of social distancing, so keep it low key. The Jupiter trine moon boosts business interests early in the week and culminates during the airy Libra full moon late Tuesday into Wednesday.

VIRGO – Thursday is relatively calm as the Cancer moon favors your sign, Virgo. This trend continues through the weekend with the moon in your sign Sunday as you make plans for next week. The Libra full moon Tuesday /Wednesday can prompt anxiety as you attempt to overdo. Surrender to this period of inhibited action in the world.

LIBRA – Children and family dominate your time through the weekend, which is perfect during this trying time in the world. The full moon Tuesday and Wednesday is in your sign and amps you up as you make a major life decision. Venus, the planet of love, favors romance, as passion runs high, so be more attentive to your mate.

SCORPIO – Friday through Saturday intensifies everything with the Leo moon exaggerating your emotions. The present social circumstances are inhibiting business, which proves frustrating. The full moon in Libra Tuesday and Wednesday brings in new opportunity, so be patient, Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS – “Don’t fence me in” is your theme, Sagittarius, and these times are especially challenging for you. The fiery Leo moon Friday/Saturday help to lighten things up. Take a power walk and work off that restless energy. The full moon next Tuesday/Wednesday favors your sign and provides the impetuous to get things done.

CAPRICORN – With the moody moon in your eighth house Thursday/Friday, you are ready to withdraw from your busy life and to take time for inner reflection. By Monday the grounded Virgo moon has you back in action. You could be argumentative Tuesday/Wednesday with the full moon in Libra in tension to your sign, Capricorn, so weigh your words.

AQUARIUS – The Leo moon Friday opposes your sign and inclines you to be indecisive as you weigh your many options. The weekend is uneventful, but things escalate and come to a head in a good way Tuesday/Wednesday, with the Libra full moon, which favors your sign. This would be a great time to catch up with old friends.

PISCES – With Mercury and Neptune (your ruling planet) conjunct, you are feeling introspective and dreamier than usual. The Virgo moon Sunday/Monday can feel conflicting but eases up by Tuesday/Wednesday with the Libra full moon. A great time for meditation as this can inspire many creative ideas.


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