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Simple and basic approaches


In our high-tech world, where we can be "connected" to almost anyone, anywhere at any time, we can easily take connections for granted. At the touch of a button, we can connect with one particular person or with a group of millions. What an amazing world in which we live.

From more than 60 years ago, I remember Dick Tracy in the comics, who had a radio-phone watch that he could use to talk with others. Now that gadget exists. We can connect with others so easily now in so many ways, yet the important question is, "How might that connection be or become a relationship of meaning, purpose and value?" To build on last week's article, let's consider how to "be present" with the connections we create in person, via a gadget or other means in simple and basic ways. It is the personal relationship aspect of meaning, purpose and value that is most important.

What is the difference that is experienced in an interaction, connection or relationship to give meaning, purpose or value? Is it a mental, emotional, heartfelt, physical or a spiritual resonance? What creates meaning, purpose or value for you? I think it can be one or all of those types of experiences.

Consider the connections you have without meaning, purpose or value. Or can that happen?

Here are some simple and basic approaches for you to ponder while creating your next connections, whether with customers, co-workers, friends or family:

• Use the person's name and make eye contact.

• Make the connections person to person, face to face when possible and be personal and professional.

• Ask short and simple questions. Open-ended questions will get more information and details.

• Ask if they have any questions, ideas, concerns or suggestions as appropriate for the situation.

• Ask, "How can I best respond to your need or interest today?"

• Speak with intention of care, concern and service. With such intention, words - and connections - become more than words.

• Acknowledge and recognize contributions small and large. A few words of recognition and appreciation can heartily feed the mind, body energy and soul.

• Following up on questions, special requests and checking in on how things are going will reinforce and remind folks of previous connections.

• "Please," "thank you," "I'm sorry" and words of gratitude can accentuate a connection.

• When connecting with new folks, share your name and ask for their name. As appropriate, let them know how to easily get in touch with you regarding questions, follow-up and future needs.

The use of simple and basic approaches can sometimes be like common sense that is not always very common. Simple words, simple thoughts and simple truths can often be the strongest words of wisdom and create the strongest connections.

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