Serving customers serves ourselves


Let's explore customer service in the light of "serving customers" and in the context of the holidays (Holy Days). If you read last week's article Holidays and Business, recall some of your thoughts regarding reconciling holiday messages of meaning and business intentions. I want to mainly focus on our own personal and professional serving of customers right here in Taos and in our own lives. Yet, it all relates to the many challenges and disclosures arising in our government and world.

Here is an important question to ask: Are we as individuals, a business, a government and global citizens truly serving each other, our brothers and sisters, our environment, the earth, our home?

Customer: This is the person that purchases our goods and services. By doing this they are serving us as we are serving them. The customer is the person with whom we interact. This is an opportunity for us to serve them and for them to serve us. Such interaction is a golden opportunity of meaning and purpose. Here we can relate the reminders of the holidays. This is a time of remembering light, joy, love and gift giving. Can we do business with each other in the midst of the true meaning and purpose of the holiday spirit? Can we do this all year long? Yes.

Service: Serving is the action of helping and doing work for someone, the customer. Service is employment as a servant. Are we not servants of each other in the larger context of life? Another definition of service is a ceremony such as a religious service. Might we consider our interaction with each customer as a special ceremony of meaning and purpose? They have come to us with a specific need for a product or service (of meaning for them) and we are there with the purpose to serve them with the products and services we have. That certainly sounds like a special ceremony to me! Why not?

What is the difference between "Customer Service," and "Serving Customers," besides changing the words and their position slightly? Really, there is no difference, is there? I like "Serving Customers," best, and here is why. The emphasis is on serving. Are we not all customers to and with each other? Isn't every person a customer and a servant?

This holiday season in particular is a special opportunity. Consider everything that is going on in our personal lives, community, country and world. Each one of us is experiencing unique challenges, questions and issues never faced before. This is a time when we need each other. It is a time to give, receive and share our unique gifts with each other at work, at home and in the community. This includes some material gifts, but most of all the gift of who we are, with each other. Be present with each other. Talk, share and En Joy!

We are all consumers of life, students in Earth School. We are here with the purpose of serving and healing others and ourselves. En joy being the gift of serving (customers).

Bernie Linnartz, of Empowerment Experts, is a consultant, coach and facilitator of individuals, teams, families and organizations. Comments, questions and suggested topics are welcome. Cell (575) 770-4712 or email