Series on creating connections: Wrap-up Part 2


More examples of creating connections

Knowing a person's name: When we know a person's name, it immediately creates a unique connection. In the workplace, if we greet a customer by name it creates both a connection to you and the organization. That is a powerful connection that happens so rarely, it can make the difference between the customer becoming loyal or not. Our knowing the name of things like a plant or a special tool or if we give a name to a car or special thing, creates a connection too. Naming and knowing a name creates a higher awareness and consciousness. It recognizes and affirms a special and deeper essence of anyone or anything.

Being yourself and being present: The article a few weeks back about "being present" focused on awareness, consciousness and sensitivity. When we are present with another person and are being authentic and genuine with them about who we are regarding what we say and how we interact with them, it can create a magical, mysterious and memorable connection. This is about listening, care and concern - plus this is a matter of truth, beauty and goodness.

Truth: Although truth may not always be absolute or the same for every person, it is a connection to reality or illusion. As we evolve to knowing "the truth," we may experience a number of connections with our self and others. No matter if what we know is reality or an illusion, it is best to tell the truth, as best we know how.

A friend: A relationship with a friend is a connection of a special kind. What is it when a relationship connection with a person becomes a friendship connection? Is it a matter of liking, care, trust or what else? To some folks, friends are golden, more valuable than gold. What's the difference between a friend and a best friend; and can you have more than one best friend?

A pet: Did you ever have a pet rock? What type of connection was that? If you have a pet of any kind, ponder the connection that has been created between you and your pet. What creates that type of connection? Is it loyalty, unconditional love and/ or that they are present with you?

An enemy or someone we don't like: What type of connection is this for you? How and why has this connection been created? Is it something you have done or they have done? Have they done anything? What do dislike, or an enemy, trigger in you? Can such a connection become an opportunity for a different kind of connection to be created?

Next week will be part three, the final wrap-up article of this series. (I think.) I find the topic of creating connections fascinating. We have billions of connections happening in and around us every day. Pay attention!

Bernie Linnartz, of Empowerment Experts, is a consultant, coach and facilitator of individuals, teams, families and organizations. Comments, questions and suggested topics are welcome. Cell (575) 770-4712 or email