Send your home to school

Smart technology will bring your home to the top of its class


Imagine driving to your home, the serpentine pathway lights twinkle as you arrive. The garage door opens, and the surrounding space illuminates for your evening arrival. The foyer shines, the living room and master bedroom brighten, and the rest of the house remains dark.

As you step through the door, your favorite music is wafting at the right volume detailed by the room acoustics and your designer home audio system. A fire strikes beneath the mantle, the shades are drawn automatically, radiant floors warm to the right temperature, and all is cozy after a day’s work.

Dave Mount was traveling in the Galapagos when he left the construction business to create Darwin Electrical Solutions, named after Charles Darwin, the English scientist. Mount said the name fit because his company is evolving with the smart home technology industry.

Mount was born and raised in the construction industry. He moved to Taos in 1988 with aspirations to become a full-time ski bum in the winter and river guide during summer months. He worked at the Ski Valley for 20 seasons, skiing and doing electrical work.

After he and his wife welcomed twin boys and purchased a home, Mount took a more lucrative job with Taosnet, building high-speed internet systems. In the spring of 2006, he formed DES to provide Taos with quality electrical service.

Because of his experience in the tech sector, Mount branched further with DES Technologies dedicated to home automation. It is the only company with the full spectrum of smart building technologies in Taos and the surrounding areas. DES designs systems that can integrate security, shading, lighting and sensors for energy savings and comfort.

Mount said the goal is to create a “symbiotic relationship between you and your home.”

Starting with shading solutions, you can optimize daylight in your home or business and provide a reduction in heating and cooling costs. An excellent adjunct to light and shade control is temperature regulation, which allows you to monitor and balance heating and cooling systems remotely. Converting one’s home can vary in price, depending on the scale of the conversion.

DES can transform a basic on/off switch into a 3-way dimmer with efficient LED bulbs for around $200. Most installations economize on energy by reducing electrical consumption. A simple smart modification of the dimmer switch can extend lamp life, lower electric bills, and reduce the environmental impacts associated with manufacturing. Investment in energy saving technology may also qualify owners for federal and state rebate incentives.

After a conversion, one can expect fewer exposed wires with sleek screwless faceplates and improved light quality. Wireless technology systems are installed with no additional wiring requirements. This means less invasive installs and a more cost-effective approach. DES designs systems and uses products that are beautiful and easy to use.

One challenge for older adobes in Taos is obsolete electrical circuitry. The old configurations are often unappealing and can be a fire and safety hazard. DES has experience working around structures built with materials, such as adobe, straw bale, earthbag and even Earthships. DES can find a creative solution to remedy your building’s electrical challenges. Any structure with an outdated electric system should be upgraded for the safety of the resident. DES is a licensed electrical contractor and can provide the services required to bring your system up to code. Adding smart technology to a home or business can enhance the property value and upgrading a property already listed on the market is suggested. DES offers an

“experience package” to assist home and business owners, and realtors interested in exploring the benefits. Today’s “Smart technologies” have little in common these days with Hal, the overzealous computer from the 1960’s Sci-fi thriller “2001: A Space Odyssey.”  Fast forward 50 years using wireless internet and a smartphone, one can tweak and control multiple systems in one’s home or business from anywhere in the world. It is all about evolving your space using simple technologies that can save energy, and enhance your quality of life.


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