Roger A. Montgomery, 1935-2017


Roger A. Montgomery


A former long-term resident of Taos, passed away on October 14, 2017 after a brief illness in
San Francisco, California. A native Californian, Roger was born in Pasadena to Jay
Howard and Lilabelle Montgomery in 1935. He grew up with sisters Mitzi, Sheila and
half-brother Jack. He attended San Gabriel Mission School and Mark Keppel High School.
Roger joined the Air Force as the Korean War was ending, becoming a Radio Specialist in
the South Pacific. After retiring from the service, Roger eventually moved to Taos,
where he was a social worker with the Native American community, a building
contractor and a Cabot Plaza gallery owner and art dealer specializing in African American and Native art.

It was in New Mexico that he married Kathleen Laurent and fathered Anton, creating
a family with Kathleen's children Kristen and Sean. Roger moved to San Francisco in the mid 80's where he was employed by the State of California and lived a long and satisfying life. He
loved art, adventure and travelling. Roger leaves behind a sister Sheila, sons Anton and Sean,
Daughter Kristen, grandchildren, Ella and Emma, nieces Kelly and Nicole and many close
friends in Taos, California and the world.