Rock out with Tasty Face

Guitarist Eric McFadden teams up with Angelo Moore and Queen delphine


What do you get when you mix the guitar-slayer from George Clinton’s P-Funk with Fishbone’s frontman on saxophone and a singing, dancing queen of pink and punk? Answer: Tasty Face.

Guitarist Eric McFadden, saxophonist Angelo Moore and singer Queen delphine have collaborated on projects in the past, but Tasty Face brings them together as bandmates.

The punk and soul, funk and roll band performs Saturday (Dec. 30) from 8-11 p.m. at the Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership, 20 ABC Mesa Road, off U.S. 64 west.

Tasty Face officially formed during the 2016 Lagunitas Beer Circus Tour, Delphine de St. Paër explained.

“We had such a blast playing shows together that we just decided to make it an official project, featuring the three core members fronting with Dallas all-star, Marcus Jones, who has played with Erykah Badu. We originally called the project ‘Jubliation Nation’ as the idea was to create music that uplifted and united people. The name wasn’t capturing the punk-soul, funk-roll essence of the band, so we started throwing around new ideas and, pretty quickly, ‘Tasty Face’ came about.”

Angelo Moore could not pronounce Queen delphine’s surname of “de St. Paër” and would jokingly call her “delphine de-Shom-Pear.”

“He claimed the de-Shom-Pear was a magical fruit that emitted beautiful music when you bit into it,” explained de St. Paër, adding that Moore told his new bandmates that a ‘Tasty Face’ is “the look one gets from biting into a magical de-Shom-Pear fruit or being part of any musical experience that stimulates joy on a deep soul-core level.”

Tasty Face has performed across the United States playing shows in many states, including California, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Illinois and Utah. This will be the band’s first New Mexico performance.

“Tasty Face has had a stellar response,” said de St. Paër. “After an invigorating show that has most fans grooving on the dance floor throughout, people walk out of the venue booming with undeniable ‘tasty faces,’ “she said. “This show has a little bit for everyone.”

Tasty Face performs original music that is written by McFadden, Moore and de St. Paër. The band’s first songwriting session came from one of McFadden’s guitar riffs, developed into a rough instrumental piece and then sprang to life with lyrics from de St. Paër. That first song, “Dreamers of Reality,” was created and recorded in one go. A new song, “Bum-whacker” was originally a jingle from a comedy sketch that McFadden and de St. Paër created. Moore enjoyed it so much that they turned it into a full-length song.

Tasty Face is planning to release its debut album in summer 2018. So far, the group has recorded and mostly finished five songs at San Francisco’s Lucky Robot Recording with their friends, Travis Kasperbaer and Mikel Ross.

“We are going for music that stimulates on a deep-core level: music that makes people smile, dance, think, cry, rock the funk out and feel alive,” said de St. Paër. “I think we definitely captured all of that.”

“We are excited to finish these tracks and to get back into the studio to write and record more new material,” she added.

This Wednesday (Jan. 3), Tasty Face plans to release a video for its new single, “You Know How Hard I Party,” which features Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal.

For the Taos show, Tasty Face will play original music as well as songs in tribute to David Bowie, Motörhead and Tom Petty. Delphine de St. Paër promises “a show to be remembered.”

The show is part of the Mountain to the Mothership “One More Saturday Night” music series. Shuttle rides are available from Taos Ski Valley (7 p.m. pickup with 11:30 p.m. return), Arroyo Seco at the Taos Cow lot (7:20 p.m. pickup with 11:10 p.m. return) and the Old Blinking Light parking lot (7:30 p.m. pickup and 11 p.m. return).