Ride the Rift event attracts more than 170 riders in third year


In perfect riding conditions, more than 170 riders came out to Ride the Rift Oct. 15. Ages of riders ranged from 4 to 72.

The event was free and open to all levels of riding. Free hamburgers and hot dogs were served to the riders and Taos Cow was on-site to serve its signature ice cream.

Broken up into multiple segments, the various lengths of rides included a “long lap” of 12.2 miles, a “short lap” of 4.6 miles and two “mini laps” of 1.6 and 0.3 miles. The event is in its third year and is organized by the Field Institute of Taos (FITaos) to help support the Taos Composite High School Mountain Bike Team.

According to Susie Fiore, co-organizer and executive director of the Field Institute of Taos, the event is designed to “get kids outside exploring and moving.”

“More than a fundraising event, this is done for the community,” said Fiore. “It is so satisfying to gather like this as a community and have fun on bikes.”

Ride the Rift is touted as an International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) “Take a Kid Mountain Biking” event that encourages riders to make it a family adventure.

“Bicycling is good, healthy fun and a gateway to healthy lifestyles,” says the IMBA, an association dedicated to mountain biking advocacy, education, access and trail building. “The IMBA strives to develop a connection between kids, bikes and the natural world around them.”

In total, the event raised more than $5,000 and riders logged thousands of miles.

Six Taos Composite athletes will be racing in championships this coming weekend in Eagle, Colorado. Cole Hughes, Liam Haworth and Joe Colonius will represent the boys team. Juniper Cortopassi, Nalia Kast and Alina Moore will represent the girls.