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A glimpse of a starry sky during a visit to Taos convinced Rachel Singer that this was her true home. She had read about a family living in in an earthship and wanted to see the home. While visiting, she bought some land west of the gorge. The many opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as skiing,

hiking and mountain biking kept Taos on her mind. She was attracted by the opportunities for art, live music and culture and thought Taos would be a great place to raise her young children. “I visited a few times over the following years, but I didn’t move here until May of 2009. At that time, I came up with some friends from Tucson to cater brunches for hot-air balloon passengers, just for the summer. We were staying in a house out at the golf course. I went outside the night we arrived, looked up at the vast starlit sky and decided right then that I would figure out how to make the move to Taos a permanent one,” she says.

Joining the real estate community

Singer met Joel Schantz of Berkshire Hathaway, and he hired her as his assistant. Schantz encouraged her to become a qualifying broker. She received her QB license last year and still works at

Berkshire Hathaway. Singer helps clients deal with any issues that arise during the process of buying and selling a home. She says, “Most transactions come with challenges these days. My persistence and dedication are crucial in helping my clients through to a successful closing.” Her clients have expressed appreciation for the way that Singer communicates with them throughout the transaction.

She prides herself on always being there to answer questions and help keep her clients calm and reassured during such a major event in their lives. One of her clients says, “Rachel helped us buy our house in Taos and it was a wonderfully easy and delightful process. She is knowledgeable and extremely well-connected in Taos--an expert not only on the real estate market, but she has her finger on the pulse of the town and businesses, as well. Even several years after buying our house through her, she’s the one we contact with questions, because she always has a referral or answers for us.” 

Market preview

Based on the dynamics in the market right now, Singer says that it is shaping up to be an active summer selling season. Inventory is low and has been for some time now. “I would love to see some affordable new construction happen to address the housing crisis we’re facing here,” she says.

When asked about the design features that buyers are seeking, she points out that energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for financial and ecological reasons. Tankless water heaters, low-flow toilets and faucets, solar panels and LED lighting are major selling points for new and existing homes. ​Taos as a state of mind In exploring ways to better serve her clients, Singer partnered with longtime Taos realtor and native Taoseña Dawn Grainger.

“Our partnership has allowed us to increase the quality of service we offer to buyers and sellers. As we say on our website, Taos is a state of mind. Let us introduce you. If you’ve been here, you get it. With over thirty years of combined local real estate experience, we are the team to help make your Taos dream come true.”


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