Realtor profile: Jade Anaya

Coldwell Banker Lota Realty, Page Sullivan Real Estate Group

While growing up in Taos, Jade Anaya lived in all parts of Taos. Her mother Nona Wesley was a home designer, and young Jade spent lots of time tagging along to different projects. Put those two experiences together, and it makes sense that Jade eventually gravitated to a career in real estate with Coldwell Banker Lota Realty, Page Sullivan Group in Taos. “I grew up under my mother’s influence,” she said during a recent interview at her office on Paseo del Pueblo Norte where she is an associate broker. “I found a love for architecture and design. I saw how the process worked and I went to a lot of different projects in town.” Jade said her mother, who died in 2016, loved to “find a diamond in the rough.” As an example, the family lived in a chicken coop on Camino del Medio while Nona directed a remodel – and then sold the property and moved on. After graduating from Taos High School in 1997, Jade tried college for a bit and then took a job in Delray Beach, Florida, at the corporate offices of developer Tom Worrell for whom her mother had worked in Taos. From there she got a job with an advertising agency in New York City – an experience she called “overwhelming but very educational.  “I saw how others lived and became much more appreciative of what Taos had to offer for me,” Jade said. Back to Taos she came, raised two children and then started looking for what she wanted to do with the next phase of her life. She needed a job and took an office assistant’s position with David and Judy Buck at Coldwell Banker Lota Realty. With the Bucks’ encouragement, Jade got her real estate license in 2016. “Page (Sullivan) wanted me to work with her at Coldwell Banker, so I did,” she said. “I got my first sale in the first week, a house on Mesa Vista Road off Blueberry Hill, and I was ecstatic.” Right away, Jade got the sense of how excited homebuyers are when they get the house they want: “They were so happy and appreciative of what I had done for them. I was helping them make their dreams come true, and it just made me hungry for more.” Jade credits her early success to what she learned from Page Sullivan, who has been in Taos real estate for decades. She said she learned that in this business you need discipline, professionalism, regular goalsetting, planning and good ol’ hard work. And, above all, patience. “With clients, Page emphasized that you have to spend time listening to them, not telling them what you think,” Jade said. “Get to know them, listen to what they need and want, become an advocate for them. And, figure out not only what might work for them but, equally as important, what won’t work.” In almost two years as an associate broker, Jade has served all sorts of clients, but she’s found a personal niche among first-time homebuyers. “Many of my clients are people I grew up with, Taoseños about my age who are ready take the next step, and I love to sit and talk and go over the possibilities for them,” she said, adding that real estate is a “lead-generating” business.
Jade also enjoys going over the potential hurdles that might have to be cleared during the buying process. As an advocate, she said she can get out in front of many of them, like computing costs of repairs, talking with lenders about first-time buyer programs, and negotiating with home inspectors and seller’s agent. Though Jade is relatively new to real estate and brings youthful enthusiasm to the job, she’s had enough experience in the world to know that uncertainty is always just around the next corner. “I am competitive by nature, so I love the friendly competition among realtors in Taos,” she said. “To succeed, I lean on the fundamentals, the ones that Page taught me. I ask advice from everyone. And I keep a positive and confident attitude, every day, and I just know that the money is coming.”


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