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There is no place like home and there is no place like Taos


When Alicia Bomhoff founded Taos Sage Real Estate, she was thinking of the green color and also the wisdom associated with the name sage. Taos Sage symbolizes her dedication to sustainable housing and her passion for bringing her own life experience to the business of real estate. 
“Sage is a kind of green and I specialize in green living and sustainable housing. I have lived off-the-grid in my earthship for over a dozen years and raised my son in it. In my real estate business, my listings are sustainable homes, whether they be earthships or traditional adobes. It is not a new concept to live in harmony with nature. It’s a choice we make,” says Bomhoff. 
She points to the Taos Pueblo as the best example of sustainability. As the oldest, continuously occupied community on the continent, the Pueblo reminds us that real sustainability can last more than 1,000 years and forty generations. Reflecting on Native concepts of right living Bomhoff says “The Iroquois Constitution speaks of the Great Law which is considering the impact of your actions on seven generations. What kind of earth do we want our great, great, great, great grandchildren to have in 150 years? It starts with you and me and how we live. A home is a huge part of that. How many resources does it consume? What does it take to sustain it? Does it improve the quality of your life and the lives around you?  What are we teaching our children in the process?”
Bringing life experience
Before Bomhoff became a realtor, she had already undertaken a dozen real estate transactions of her own. She bought and sold land, designed and constructed an adobe home and lived in the earthship. She paid attention to all the details of the transactions, including reading all the real estate documents and finding every survey marker herself. This level of attention to detail allows her to serve her clients in the best way possible.
She also brings her life experience to each transaction. Having studied photography in college and worked as a photographer, she now uses that skill to photograph homes for sale in the best light. Working to create tile mosaics taught her about many aspects of construction and having been a math teacher, means she always get the numbers right. 
Finding home in the Southwest
A cross-country photo shoot 30 years ago brought Bomhoff to Santa Fe. After three days there, she didn’t want to leave. 
In 1992, she moved permanently to New Mexico and has been in Taos for 23 years.  “I was always looking for home. As a photographer, the first thing I noticed about Taos was the quality of light. Not a day goes by that I don’t have a moment where I am struck by the sheer beauty of it. I love living here.”
Now, Bomhoff shares her love of Taos and its unique green living opportunities with her clients. 
Life-changing experiences
A specialty for Taos Sage Real Estate is earthship living and Bomhoff has both earthships and land listed for sale. Earthships are typically built with recycled materials and use solar power for most of the energy needs. One home that she has listed for sale has fireplaces and woodstoves for back-up heat and uses only a small amount of propane for a few appliances, ensuring utility costs will be minimal. The greenhouse along the front of the earthship offers a garden environment with fig and other fruit trees growing, along with a tub warmed by the sunshine.
For many, choosing to live in an earthship is not just a decision about home, it is a decision about life. “When I’ve sold Earthships it is often a truly life-changing experience for the buyers. One said after living in his Earthship, he found his job was no longer in alignment with his values, so he quit his job and is now working at something he loves. Change is good and it is the only constant,” says Bomhoff.
Her clients appreciate her deep knowledge of earthships and other building approaches, as well as her understanding of the Taos market. A recent client said “Alicia is a real pro. She navigated us through a difficult real estate transaction and knew how to handle every issue. I would not have been able to complete this purchase without her local market knowledge and expertise in non-traditional (earthship style) homes.”
Mountain living
While some of the elevations are higher, Bomhoff points out that all the properties in Taos are really in the mountains. “It’s like a giant outdoor amphitheater with the mountains on stage,” she observes. “Some people have box seats, but the view from the second balcony is amazing, too.” 
Acknowledging spiritual traditions that associate mountains with sacred energy, she says that many people in Taos feel that the mountain calls them and has a spiritual energy that can be part of a good life here. 
Solar trends
When asked what is new in Taos real estate, Bomhoff says “The solar companies in Taos are busier than ever. With 300 plus days of sun a year in Taos, it’s the perfect place to use photovoltaic panels for electricity or for radiant floor heating.”
With abundant sunshine and innovative building approaches, Taos offers many opportunities for green living. Taos Sage Real Estate can be your guide to finding a home that can change your life. 
For more information
Contact Alicia Bomhoff of Taos Sage Real Estate, LLC at (575) 770-8901 or You can find her at the Northstar Plaza in El Prado at 65 Highway 522, Suite A1 and on her website:


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