Practicing intentional change wrapup


Here are the remaining topics from the series and examples of how to manifest each management basic. (If you missed the first part, let me know and I'll send it to you.)

Truth and trust: This management basic makes all the difference in the world to all team members and every customer who ever walks into your place of business. You can see it in the eyes of each team member. They will be comfortable with straight and direct eye contact. Their eyes and face will be smiling and welcoming. Each team member's words will be caring, warm and personal. Truth will be spoken - no matter what the question, request, need or concern. Integrity will be seen, heard and known. Interactions will be a genuine connection of serving the customer.

The basic trust elements of competence, confidence and consistency will be exemplified in every thought, word and action shared.

Truth and trust start with you as the owner, manager or boss. It is rarely achieved, yet is possible. When it happens, it is golden, magical and will guarantee success, sustainability and an ever-increasing number of loyal and satisfied customers.

Development, training and coaching: The culture of the organization, as seen in the way you do business, is a process that encourages and nurtures improvement, growth and learning every day regarding everything and everyone. You will find ongoing educational and training opportunities. There will be a variety of resources available regarding product information, service manuals, printed and online access to all product and service data, research and upcoming advancements. You will find support systems of information, equipment, tools, plus people are ready, willing and able to provide coaching, evaluative feedback and new opportunities for all team members and customers.

Practicing intentional change: The point of focus of every team member is to be proactive. You will see little or no negative reactivity. All team members are ready to respond to any situation - however challenging - with ways to give quality service to each customer.

Exploring the elements of empowerment: The specific elements to know include values, principles, priorities, pride, passion, ownership, belonging, involvement, endless connections with support systems and sources of power, truth, trust, taking on responsibility, accountability and authority, interdependence, abundant development, acknowledgement, recognition and celebration.

Using a calendar, checklist and strategic plan: Create a common and shared process of the use of a calendar and checklists to be used every day. Create and use a practical and relevant strategic plan.

The magic of care, support and appreciation: Care, support and appreciation are the core buddies and friends of truth and trust. Be full of care, support and thankfulness.

Who comes first? You're serving self, every team member, every customer, all of humanity. All are treated as equally important (first).

Each management basic is a challenge to be the best you can be.

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