Powerhouse performer

Tiffany Christopher brings hard rockin’ style to The Taos Inn


From the trails of El Camino de Santiago in Spain to the studios of Denver, Southwest music artist Tiffany Christopher will be performing and streaming her show live, Friday (Dec. 15) at 6:30 p.m. in the Adobe Bar at The Taos Inn, 125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. There is no cover charge.

“I love Taos and I love the locals, I always draw a good crowd that likes to boogie and dance, so I wanted to capture that on video,” said Christopher in a phone interview from somewhere near the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

Growing up, Christopher said she watched her father play Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson on a vintage, yellow Fender telecaster at their horse ranch in Illinois. She learned to play piano, sang in the choir and eventually learned guitar. Well-equipped to pursue the ways of a songbird she studied music at a university in Preston, Iowa, and spent five years in Missouri before touring the country and finally resting in the land of enchantment.

Christopher lives between the high desert of Las Cruces, and Santa Fe and populous Denver. Christopher and her custom acoustic, slope-shoulder dreadnought guitar named Bearclaw have been performing at the Taos Inn since 2013.

Inspired by artists such as Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls, Christopher’s musical mission is to develop the human experience. “It’s this plane of existence between heaven and earth, life and death. I want to exemplify that I want to sing about what’s going on in everyday life,” she said. “I want to sing about the magic right underneath the surface, help people tap into that.”

Christopher’s third album, “Tremendous Heart,” released last year, was dominantly written on the ukulele during her experiences on the Camino in Spain, a 500-mile, reputably commercial, long-distance trail. Tales of heartache, triumph and the human spirit reign through the lyrics in a discoursed style. Bouncy ukulele, poppy piano and folky guitar create the flux between alternative and Americana.

“It’s about traveling, I suppose there’s a lot of songs about the earth and the landscape just connecting people, I think I was trying to embrace the songs that people were really enjoying that I was playing live,” Christopher said. “I decided which songs to put out on the album based on the feedback I was getting from the live shows.”

Christopher also found much inspiration for the latest 11-track album in the desert, during her time traveling and from audiences on stage. Christopher often fuels her writing and completion of songs through improvisation during live performances feeding off the power she receives from the audience, a simple musical equation of reciprocation.

Christopher’s one-woman-band includes her guitar Bearclaw, a ukulele, a kick drum, a high hat and a pedal-board looper. With every performance she brings storytelling, spoken-word, visceral elements and imaginative language.

Christopher’s latest endeavor is creating more media and content to draw in a broader fan base and take the next business step to escape the bar scene and enter larger venues.

“I’m actually changing a lot of what I’m doing. I’ve been touring and playing over 200 shows a year and driving around alone or with the trio. I’m working on creating a lot more videos. I’m actually going to start a web series,” she said.

Using crowd-funding through Patreon, Christopher will be preparing more concept music videos, performance, time in the studio and she plans to host a Southwest travel show and will even be preparing musical workshops.

Christopher will be visiting both natural, archaeological and historic areas around New Mexico and Colorado. Caves, acoustic architecture and old properties are just a few of the examples of places she’ll be visiting. She will be recording live performances and inviting guests and locals to further educate and provide information on the mentioned locations.

Christopher will also be creating musical classes on topics such as guitar techniques, the art of performance and mastering vulnerability on stage.

“I think I have a knack for connecting people and inspiring people, and I want to utilize that and start putting a lot more stuff online and focus on content and less on playing shows as much over the next year and try to make that transition,” she said.

Christopher invites you to dance at The Taos Inn on Friday evening where she’ll be performing her collection of music as well as incorporating new twists on holiday classics.

Visit her website at to listen to “Tremendous at Heart” and don’t miss the video streaming at The Taos Inn.