Police blotter, Jan. 22 -27

Posted 1/31/20

The following is a condensed version of Taos Police reports from Jan. 22-27.

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Police blotter, Jan. 22 -27


The following is a condensed version of Taos Police reports from Jan. 22-27.

Jan. 22

8:50 a.m. Domestic disturbance, Camino Del Medio - A caller said a man parked in a brown Blazer appeared to be choking a woman inside the vehicle.

9:09 a.m. Narcotics offense adult, Sunset Street - A caller said she just caught her boyfriend using heroin inside her house.

12:59 p.m. Loitering, Walgreens - A caller said that the son of an employee had been in the store for several hours.

Jan. 23

12:22 p.m. Traffic accident, no injury, Camino de la Placita - A caller said that he hit a pothole and damaged his vehicle.

2:02 p.m. Sex offense adult, Taos County Complex - A caller said that her uncle had called her and told her he wanted her dead. The caller said he sent her a photo of his gun.

2:17 p.m. Fraud-forgery, Albright Street - A caller said someone with a federal warrant was in the area. The caller said this wanted person's wife had obtained a driver's license illegally.

3:26 p.m. Seizure or convulsion, The Coffee Apothecary - A caller said that a woman was shaking badly, like she might be having a seizure.

9:42 p.m. Harassment, Kit Carson Road - A caller said that his upstairs neighbor was yelling at him, accusing him of "doing bad magic" in his apartment. A responding officer said he did not encounter any witchcraft at the scene.

Jan. 24

12:49 a.m. Disorderly conduct, Holy Cross Medical Center - A caller said a patient in the emergency room was being irate and spitting on people.

1:54 p.m. Suspicious circumstance, Kit Carson Road - A caller said a man living in the apartment below her was burning something. She was afraid it might affect her health.

11:09 p.m. Public indecency, Dollar Tree - A caller said that a man in the corner of the building was pulling his pants down and playing with himself.

11:46 p.m. Warrant, Lavadie Trailer Park - A caller said a vehicle had gone off the roadway in the area.

11:57 p.m. Welfare check, Gusdorf Road - A caller said that a woman was looking in her windows. She said she spoke to the woman, who told her she was looking for a lost dog. The caller was still concerned.

Jan. 25

4:44 a.m. Welfare check, Albright Street - A caller said a man with long black hair was walking down the street and looked like he was hallucinating.

6:31 p.m. Suspicious circumstance, Bealls - A caller said that two customers in the store looked suspicious, as though they might be about to shoplift.

7:23 p.m. Traffic hazard, Walgreens - A caller said there was a bed in the middle of the road between Dollar Tree and Walgreens.

Jan. 26

1 p.m. Trespassing, Walmart - A caller said there was a man inside the store wearing a black beanie and a gray backpack.

4:46 p.m. Trespassing, South Plaza - A caller said that a couple of her locks on her gate had been broken.

Jan. 27

8:22 a.m. Harassment, Taos Middle School - A caller said that a student had threatened a teacher. The caller wanted an officer to be present for their meeting at 9 a.m.

9:24 a.m. Burglary, commercial, Taos Ale House - A caller said someone had broken in sometime during the night or early in the morning. The caller said the lock to the backdoor had been cut and the safe was missing. The caller said there is a camera in the business.

10:06 a.m. Property lost, Taos Police Department - A caller wanted to report a lost wedding ring.

11:49 a.m. Protection order violation, La Tierra Mineral Gallery - A caller said that a man whom he has a restraining order against was outside his business.

2:37 p.m. Information report, Cid's Food Market - A caller said that a lady who had been removed from the store for trespassing and was outside holding a sign had threatened her life.

3:28 p.m. Sex offense juvenile, Walmart - A caller said that someone had printed some photos that appeared to be child porn.

11:59 p.m. Animal wild, Paseo del Pueblo Sur - A caller said a brown and white pit bull was trying to get into his residence.

- Compiled by John Miller


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