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Polar bears: the bare facts about climate change

Here's some other ways kids can help save the polar bears -- and the planet!


If you're like me, a world without polar bears would be pretty lame. Right now these big animals are in danger from climate change, aka global warming.

It is believed that that there are only 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears left living in the wild. The International Union for Conservation of Nature reports that the polar ice cap is predicted to completely melt within the next 100 years. This will leave polar bears without a home and food, and it will dramatically affect the polar bear population.

Can you imagine that when we are grown-ups, the only polar bears left are in a zoo!

You may be wondering, can we save polar bears? We humans have inadvertently affected the lives of polar bears through pollution and global warming. The problem with polar bears is that their habitat is not stable ... so the short answer is that restricting hunting in some areas certainly could save more polar bears, but that by itself will not save them.

Here's some other ways kids can help save the polar bears -- and the planet!

Turn off the lights

• Close doors immediately so heat does not escape

• Take short showers

• Walk or bike (if you can)

• Turn off your computer when not in use

• Recycle

• Keep the house at 68 degrees Fahrenheit


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