New Mexico Gas pipeline update


No work will happen on the natural gas pipeline in the Río Grande Gorge from Friday (Dec. 22) to Jan. 2, 2018. According to Tim Korte, spokesperson for New Mexico Gas Company, the company plans "to send limited crews out to work, but their assignments will be away from the road, and there will be no traffic control," meaning motorists won't have to deal with wait times and a single lane as they travel for the holidays.

"We have about two miles remaining to reach the south end of the project area. At that location, crews have completed an auger bore and are drilling a horizontal bore, so the pipeline can cross under the highway," Korte said.

Plans for continuing work on the pipeline in January have been finalized but are flexible and dependent on the weather.

Several options will be under consideration, including continuing construction in light snowfall with [New Mexico Department of Transportation crews] salting and plowing [State Road] 68 as warranted. It's also possible that a major winter storm could mean suspending construction for several days, a determination that will be made in consultation with [the department] and other stakeholders," he said.

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