Pipeline update: week of Nov. 22


The section of State Road 68 in the Rio Grande Gorge impacted by the re-route of a natural gas pipeline will be re-opened for the four-day Thanksgiving holiday, according to Tim Korte, spokesperson for New Mexico Gas Company.

The announcement, made after consultations between the gas company and the state’s highway department, is a reversal of earlier plans to leave the traffic restrictions in place through the holiday. The concrete barriers that funnel traffic into one lane will be removed before the end of work today (Nov. 22) and will be restored Monday (Nov. 27). Construction will then continue through Dec. 21., Korte.

“Whether the project is completed or not, we will have the barriers removed again and the road fully reopened by Noon on Dec. 22. We will leave the road open at least through Jan. 2, 2018. If the project is not completed by Dec. 22, we will… determine the schedule for returning to finish construction,” he said.

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