Pipeline update: construction near Pilar visitor center


As construction on a reroute of the only natural gas pipeline in Taos County moves south into the Río Grande Gorge, safety observers will begin monitoring work areas next week for potential rock slides, according to Tim Korte, spokesperson for the New Mexico Gas Company.

About 7,800 feet of natural gas pipeline has been installed along the right of way of State Road 68, with most of the construction activity, such as boring underneath the road, currently centered near the Bureau of Land Management's Río Grande Gorge Visitor Center in Pilar.

Wait times for motorists are averaging roughly 10 minutes, but the traffic volume will vary depending on the time of the day. This could increase or decrease the wait time, warned Korte. The one-way lane restriction on State Road 68 spans a half-mile to the north and south of mile marker 29.

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