Peter B. Wood,


Peter B. Wood, Born 1942 in New York City passed away peacefully at Taos Living Center on January 16, 2020, after battling health issues for several years. He is predeceased by his parents, George and Muriel Wood, who moved to Taos in 1978. He is survived by his brothers; Joel and Warren, both of El Prado, NM. Peter and his brothers moved to Taos in 1971 and have embraced this land and community as a home for almost 50 years. Peter was especially sensitive to the cultures and developed many friendships, Anglo, Native and Hispanic alike. His passion was the arts and crafts of the various Native tribes and immersed himself in that creativity. Peter is also survived by his loving partner, Gyana Pendleton, who provided much support, especially near the end when it was most needed. Peter has two sons, Nicholas, the oldest and Dylan, now married to Angela and living in Oregon. They have a daughter, Freya and will welcome a son in a few months. Dylan’s mother and Peter’s former wife, Julia Ruth Claus of Taos should be mentioned as she was and is a beautiful, caring person, still a member of the family. Peter was very generous with himself and his time and often could be found helping friends with various projects and housebuilding, asking nothing in return. No service is planned at this time.


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