Pecha Kucha-Taos highlights The Paseo

Teresa Dovalpage
Posted 9/27/15

Pecha Kucha-Taos celebrates its most international and eclectic event to date. As a wrap-up for the Taos Fall Arts festivities, the Sunday (Sept. 27) Vol. 18 edition features an array of local and international artists. Presenters have come from …

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Pecha Kucha-Taos highlights The Paseo


Pecha Kucha-Taos celebrates its most international and eclectic event to date. As a wrap-up for the Taos Fall Arts festivities, the Sunday (Sept. 27) Vol. 18 edition features an array of local and international artists. Presenters have come from Germany, New York and different parts of New Mexico.

“While we love to celebrate our local artists, this event will give an opportunity for the community to learn more about the visiting artists who presented their work all weekend at Paseo 2015,” said Pecha Kucha Co-Director Matt Thomas.

The event will begin at 7 p.m. in the Taos Community Auditorium, 145 Paseo del Pueblo Norte.

Born and raised in Japan, Chika Iijima moved to New York in the early ‘90s. The interactive visual artist is now traveling to Taos to share her transformational life journey. “I want to encourage young people to follow their dreams,” she said. “My performances are intended to establish a moment of co-creation with the audience; I hope to inspire them all.”

Directly from Germany comes artist and researcher Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez whose presentation will be focused on the hermeneutic experience — as above, so below. Her live videomicrography performance A•LIVE, will be premiering at Paseo.

Video artist and painter Marion Claire Wasserman will present “Prana/ The Alchemy of Now,” an exploration into the nuances of the alchemy of elements. “At the intersection of time-based media and the present moment, elements meet in rare and unfamiliar terms providing a new, strange and modern alchemy,” Wasserman said. “I will speak about praxis and process, mediums and media, influences and location, and the merger of yoga and art.”

Master printmaker Jennifer Lynch will talk about the concept and process of printmaking during her presentation “Dynamic Design in Nature.” “I am part of ‘Pressing Through Time: 150 Years of Printmaking in Taos,’ a festival that is also taking place now so I decided to do this presentation in conjunction with it,” she said.

Artist and activist Edie Tsong’s presentation is titled “An Autobiography through Color and Language.” Her projects, spanning from object to performance, from installation to community-based, explore how the process reveals a need to explore identity and racism, ultimately resulting in projects that seek the intimacy of connection.

Originally from Windsor, in the province of Ontario, Canada, Allan Packer has lived and worked in New York and Seattle and is currently busy with a large scale project in Taos, a personal residence he considers a cultural installation. “I will present images of my work in an autobiographical way that reflects the influence of David Bowie and Carl Sagan, which have led me to do paintings about the cosmos, space travel, and the phenomena of things we can’t see, like electricity and telecommunication,” he said.

Megan Jacobs will present “Floating on Love’s Wings.” The presentation, she said, “will look at the arc of my work and inspirations. I’ll share a few examples of my early work, which explores the idea of the body as both material and concept as well as representations of love. The fluidity of the body and relationships led me to think about memory, which also alters though time. We are a series of fragments — the lost tooth, the taste of cough syrup, the found cicada shell — which are emphasized by the photographic image.”

Steve Fox’s presentation is titled “Decisive Moments on the Street and in Nature.” “Half of the 20 images portray people living significant and metaphorical moments in public, and half reveal the intricate patterns we often overlook in nature, especially where water, that elixir of change, is involved,” Fox said.

Bruce Katlin of Taos will talk about the challenge of combining his passions for mountain running and plein-air painting (sometimes at the same time) and the benefits that both activities provide. “After a grueling trail run or snowshoe trip, I never know how much time and energy I’ll have to paint once I arrive at my destination,” he said. “The finished works, including videos, are subject to whatever flora and fauna may have floated into the wet paint and past the camera’s lens.”

Sweet Deal, a local band formed by Alana Grier (bass and vocals); Chris Burton (lead guitar), and Mike Caron (drums and percussion) will be in charge of the entertainment. “We are really excited about the upcoming Pecha Kucha Night and will be playing mostly originals like ‘Let the Wind Blow,’” Grier said.

Hors d’oeuvres will be provided by Taos’ newest restaurant, Medley.

Doors open at 6 p.m. with preshow drinks and music. Tickets are $10 at the door or in advance at the Taos Center for the Arts office, 133 Paseo del Pueblo Norte.

For more information, contact J. Matthew Thomas or Richard Spera at (575) 613-0601 or Visit


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