Part 2: The Blessing War to be waged at Tsimmayó

By David A. Fernández de Taos
For The Taos News
Posted 9/11/18

All the godly and ungodly forces in this world, the holy and unholy spirits, now gathered over the sacred site of Tsimmayo, where the Seven Companions of the Blessing Way...

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Part 2: The Blessing War to be waged at Tsimmayó


All the godly and ungodly forces in this world, the holy and unholy spirits, now gathered over the sacred site of Tsimmayo, where the Seven Companions of the Blessing Way who had converged from around the world were faced against the thing that has sought to destroy humankind's soul and even its very existence since the very beginning.

It was a hot, sweet, and beautiful late summer day in the high mountainous region of El Nórte.

The Seventh Companion, who was known as Luz of the Blessing Way, wondered again to himself why was it that of all the places in the world, this climactic and terrible confrontation was taking place at Tsimmayo, a small and remote locale? And why was it that such an array of supernatural forces from all around the world was amassing there?. And why did it feel to him that everything was hanging in the balance dependent upon an uncertain outcome of a prospective titanic spiritual confrontation?

Why was Tsimmayo such a special place anyway in the scheme of all things? Luz and the others were aware of the worldwide fame of the place, that it was known as an exquisite sanctuary of peace, a holy place that was considered a refuge and shelter from the spiritual storms that raged in the world, and that millions of people had been coming to Tsimmayo during preceding centuries to be cured from sicknesses of soul and body and to be healed by the benevolent power of something that was in residence there.

The people who came in ceaseless steady streams of never-ending pilgrimages from all parts of the world, oftentimes attributed their healings there to its very earth, with which they would bless themselves, and to the "holy waters" of the river at Tsimmayo.

The people also said that their healing came from a living spirit of the divine that was in residence in a certain tabernacle set upon an altar beneath a miraculous crucifix in the small, centuries-old church there. And they said that they came to Tsimmayo filled with faith and confidence, and with humility, to pray for healing for others, for themselves, and for the world which they described as being caught in grip of constant torment and turmoil and shredded by the raking talons of evil.

The people came to Tsimmayo to obtain healing and relief and sanctuary, "since time immemorial," according to the oral and written accounts of the pilgrims Luz knew. But Luz also reasoned that the placement of the certain tabernacle at the altar there represented and completed a union of the spiritual traditions of the Western and Eastern Hemispheres of the world, and that this union thus represented a powerful spiritual congruence, something that the ancient adversarial enemy entity could not and would not tolerate and would do its utmost to shatter and eradicate.

Luz was now fully ready, and he knew that his Companions of the Blessing Way were also ready, for the titanic battle in which they were to engage against that primordial entity. But he also knew that they could be successful only with the aid of the spiritual guardians of the Western Hemisphere and the spirits of these lands and this locale.

Luz recalled a certain elder man, whom the people called the legendary Cacique, in whom resided the blessing spirit of the ancient Native lands. Luz had seen the Cacíque once, standing straight, his eyes blazing, at the opening of a cave on the cliff above the place of Tsimmayo. Luz looked up and saw that the Cacíque was there again.

The eyes of the two men locked in mutual assurance, and they spoke out in one voice that resounded through Tsimmayo and in the world: "O Most High Holy One, aid us in this battle to cast down our primordial enemy who causes man's inconsistency and brokenness, and all his dark and perfidious action, and all his minions as well."

The clear blue skies, shimmering in the brilliant royal golden sun shivered as if riven by a great sheet of pale dry lightning. The earth shook. Something screamed in challenge, but Luz and the Cacique could sense an uncertainty in the shrieking of that thing.

And in the instant before the battle was joined, there flashed in Luz's mind the story of the joining of the Seven Companions of the Blessing Way, which seemingly had begun so long ago when he had been lost and had died in the tunnel caves beneath the ancient Pyramids of Teotihuacán far away by Old Tenochtitlán.


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