Opinion: Unhappy reader rants on waste


Irony abounds. The front page story (June, 29-July 5, 2017) is about waste and that is what we are given: waste.

Waste in the form of the tragically wasteful interview with Laurie Anderson. The author sings well and plays nicely the guitar. However, parse this if you can, if you will; "The past has now become something as mutable as documentation, memory, or lack of it." A sentence as clear and murky as a waterway downstream from an illegal dumping ground. I will not call it inane and devoid of sense, not to mention meaning, but somehow I doubt that the impeccably erudite Ms. Anderson said, nor implied, anything of the sort. For this dear reader and one-time vendor of The Taos News, I for one would rather a bag of dead dogs than such fodder for the landfill.

She, Laurie Anderson, is clearly wise and insightful in not reading the vapid interviews such as that foisted upon us on the pages of the TaosSnooze (a bit of levity).

My non-apologies in advance to those readers that may find this screed to be a wee bit too "judgey." It is "judgey." Judgment is a power we as humans must employ on an ongoing basis lest we end up with yet more waste in our cultural stream.

As an example I offer this example: the Red (now blondish yellow) Headed Stranger and he who was once Mayor trying to foist (yes there's that word again) "Strong at Heart" (a sheer fraud) as well as a five story piece of nowhere America upon the hard working citizens of Taos NM and all those that visit this once proudly unique town.

– Mark K. Kemper, Taos