Letter to the editor

Opinion: Taos inevitably changing


I came here exactly 12 months go. I now know my new neighbors, and attended the Holiday Inn Express hearing yesterday afternoon and evening to get to know my new town.

Listening to the often impassioned public comments, and free of any opinion about the issue, it felt like the prospect of a four-story hotel was salt being rubbed into a wound which had been festering for a very long time. When Mr. Batra suggested removing the salt, even if temporarily, the relief was instant and heartfelt.

If you'll forgive a newcomer's presumption, we need to shift the focus from taking away the salt to healing the wound. There are more forms of salt coming as Taos inevitably changes, and our community does not deserve to unnecessarily suffer with each one.

I came to live here because the sacredness of the land which Taos occupies is unmistakeable. The root cause of the wound, so evidently displayed at the hearing, is the forgetting of that sacredness.

– Elemer Magaziner, Taos