Opinion: Put blow-and-go alcohol detectors at bar

And liquor store cash registers


I recently took a class from the New Mexico Alcohol & Gaming Division in order to get a Server Certificate. After paying for the class so I could get a job, I spent eight hours being warned:

If you sell to anybody who you even think might be drinking, you can be sued, face court charges, fined or put in jail. Wow! I just need a job.

I see they are advertising on TV now not to get mad at the cashier if they won't sell to you.

We're talking about innocent cashiers trying to follow the law so they can keep their jobs.

Have you ever tried to tell a drunk no? It can be pretty ugly. Some veteran alcoholics are pretty good at acting sober just long enough to buy more booze.

So Blow & Go. Those little DUI testers the police carry with them, put them at the cash register. If there is any question to sobriety, just ask your customer to blow into the machine. It will print the results out right then and there. Let the machine do the talking.

Please, it's cheap, it's easy and would solve a lot of unnecessary drama.

When in doubt, blow it out.

– Barbara Gurnsey, Taos