Letter to the editor

Opinion: New Mexico lacks facilities for toxic waste


After reading Cody Hooks' article on illegal dumping (The Taos News, June 29-July 5), it occurred to me that one reason for such activities is this state's shortage of convenient channels and facilities for the legal disposal of wastes.

Some time ago, I spent a frustrating but enlightening hour on the phone with the New Mexico Department of Environment, in hopes of learning where I could recycle certain toxic materials: nobody knew. For an hour I was shuttled from one person, one department, to another, none wiser than the last. Finally, after returning to my first contact, that person determined (by going online) that used fluorescent tubes and bulbs could be recycled at Best Buy. But I was still stuck with my dry cell batteries ...

So much for New Mexico's environmental stewardship. Small wonder if wastes, toxic and otherwise, end up in canyons and arroyos.

– Michael Kincaid lives in Truchas, N.M.