Letter to the editor

Opinion: Ask governor how she voted on wildlife policy


On June 23, 2017, the Western Governors’ Association approved Policy Resolution 2017-11. From The Center for Biological Diversity: “Policy resolution 2017-11 recommends delaying lifesaving protections for at-risk wildlife and curtailing the ability of ordinary citizens to challenge agency decisions in court. The resolution would weaken critical habitat protections in areas needed for species recovery and tamper with the Act’s ‘best available science’ mandate.”

Since the WGA does not release tallies, we do not know how Governor Susana Martinez voted. Please call the Governor’s office and ask how she voted on Western Governors' Association Policy Resolution 2017-11. Leave a comment for her on the answer you get. I am sure she will have no problem revealing her vote, and that she will be proud of her stance on saving endangered species from extinction.

– Adele E. Zimmermann, Embudo