Opinion: A reader’s choice for Man of the Year – hard-working Joes


I would like to vote for my Man of the Year and tell you why.

He does not have a presidential name, past or present. His name is Joe. Joe gets up every morning around 6 a.m. He hits the gym before going off to work because he believes in taking care of himself. Joe works a solid eight hours every day. He is your steelworker, mechanic, grocer, accountant and more. At the end of the day, Joe goes home, hugs his wife and takes time for his children. He helps with their homework. He knows their teachers. He plays with them. Then Joe sits down to dinner with his family, and they talk to each other about their day.

After dinner Joe helps his wife clear the table because he knows she has had a long day too. He helps get the kids ready for bed and kisses them each good night. Then he and his wife take time for each other, to share their day and their ups and downs. Joe might take a bit of time now and then to go fishing or watch some sports with his buddies, but his family is his life.

Joe knows right from wrong and good from evil. He does not preach this. He simply walks the walk. He’s the neighbor who always has time to help in a pinch, who you can trust with your kids, who simply is there when needed. He is the cement that holds the family together, then the community and finally the country. All the presidential names will eventually be a footnote in a dusty history book, but Joe will be with us forever.

A toast to all the Joes in my life: father, brother, husband, sons, cousins, uncles, friends and neighbors. You are my Man of the Year and always will be.

Cecelia Dove is a resident of Questa.