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Mother Earth to humans: ‘Let’s take a walk’


Nature is a joyful thing, like when we go skiing or take a hike. Other times, it’s super scary, like during a bad storm. And the environment is always changing, meaning we can always learn new things from the messy, dirty and complicated natural world. Taos author Mirabai Starr talked with The Taos News about how we can draw on nature for hope and inspiration.

• Let yourself feel the pain of the wounded earth. Don’t be afraid to be scared and sad — the feelings will help you connect with the earth as a cherished relative and energize you to help her.

• Cultivate and tend your relationship with the earth, as if she were a living being. Speak with her in your imagination. Address her as your mother or your sister or your best friend. Ask her what she needs.

• Build a shrine to Mother Earth, either outside or inside. Use objects from nature that feel sacred, and also statues, artwork, a bowl of water, a dish of dirt or anything that represents the elements. You can add to it and take away from it over time, depending on what inspires you.

• Simplify your life. Society is constantly trying to convince us to overconsume. Resist. Let go of the desire to acquire what you do not need. Make use out of less, and enjoy the freedom that gives you.

• Spend time in nature every day, no matter what the weather is like and even if only for a few minutes. Get your feet on the ground, your face against the air. Walk. Be aware of your breathing. Do not listen to music or use any electronic distractions. Be present with the earth.


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