Master swimmers to converge on Taos Youth and Family Center

Two world record holders slated to attend


The Taos Swim Club will be hosting its the third annual Taos Fall Arts Classic Swim Meet at the Taos Youth and Family Center Oct. 7. This is the first meet of the season and is considered a short course utilizing yards as the measurement standard.

Teams scheduled to attend include: Colorado Masters, New Mexico Masters Swimming, Uc42, Charger Aquatics Masters, Puget Sound Masters, Team Praxis, San Diego Swim Masters, Taos Masters Swimming, Swim Fort Lauderdale and Los Alamos Masters.

“Most of the participants are from all around the region,” said Alfredo Aleman, TYFC pool director, who stated that the upcoming event in Taos is the only swim meet in New Mexico that is limited to master swimmers (18 and older). “This event is all about having fun through competition.”

Aleman said, “Swimmers usually have a target time when they start the season. But the high altitude makes this event all the more challenging.”

An exciting aspect of this particular meet is the commitment from two world record holders planning to attend this weekend.

One high-caliber swimmer coming to Taos is Philipp Djang, who is a member of Swim Fort Lauderdale (Florida). Djang holds the men’s record in the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 27.53 seconds in the 60-64 age category.

Also scheduled to attend is Donald Graham, who swims with the Puget Sound Masters. Graham holds the men’s world record for the 50-yard butterfly with a time of 26.70 seconds in the 60-64 age category.

Approximately 12 members of the Taos Masters Swimming will also be participating in their respective events along with several novices.

Aleman said the two previous meets were a huge success and hopes to host another masters swim meet in spring 2018.

“We’re working very hard to grow this event,” said Aleman. “We hope to make it a multiday event where people from all over the world can come for a fun weekend of high-altitude racing.”

In total, there will be 17 events throughout the day, which will include a potluck dinner on the newly refurbished TYFC patio for the participants.

This is a free event for spectators who wish to view the event and Aleman is encouraging fans to come out and support all the athletes.