Marsha Feinhandler, 1936-2017


Marsha Feinhandler <br/>
Died August 7 in her home in Arroyo Seco. She was born to Leo and Zelda Waxenberg in Omaha, Nebraska on September 16, 1936. While attending Northwestern University, she married Sherwin Feinhandler. Marsha was always an eager explorer, and following her divorce, she travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe at a time when single women seldom ventured abroad alone. She was an avid student of world culture, and lived in India and pre-revolutionary Iran. After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America, she became an accomplished jeweler, silversmith, potter, knitter, and cook. Marsha studied, taught, and practiced Reiki under the mentorship of Dr. Barbara Ray. Zen was an important element in her life, and she trained under several highly respected Japanese teachers. After her home in Pacific Palisades, California was destroyed in a fire, she moved to Taos in 1996. A stroke in 2007 impaired Marsha's mobility, yet her indomitable spirit continued to burn brightly. She was an integral member of the Angels Prayer Circle and helped to facilitate their healing work for more than a decade. When asked what should be included in her obituary, Marsha replied, "I came and I went. I send you all big love and big light. Om mani padme hum. May all of us love and honor the darkest most unloved critters in this realm. And send them on, filled with light and love because they need it so very much. Namu dai bosa. Now close the curtain." Friends will gather in the KTAO back courtyard to honor the life and big heart of Marsha Feinhandler from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday August 19.