Management Corner: Clarifying core values

A series on time and listening


A part of my standard process in working with all clients, individuals, couples, teams and businesses is to initially take time to identify and clarify core values. Identifying, clarifying and knowing what our values are and how they connect with our thoughts, statements and actions give a person or an organization many advantages in the marketplace and in all of life. Those advantages include:

• Enhanced clarity and specific focus in all forms of communication.

• Specific alignment between what is said and what is done.

• Greater efficiency and effectiveness.

• Increased evidence of responsibility and accountability.

• Overall higher levels of morale and satisfaction of employees and customers.

I have adapted the core values of Renewable Taos, Inc. to focus and accent specific values. The people who run the organization have done a great job of integrating action statements with each value. For their version, see, find “Core Values” under “About Us.” Some of the statements below are direct quotes used with permission.

This is one example:

• We value our Earth’s environment, our home. We have an urgent climate crisis. We believe it is solvable. Renewable energy is a powerful solution. We need to use this solution as soon as possible.

• We value 100 percent clean, renewable energy. We believe our communities can make a transition to this within a few years.

• We value our economic future. We believe this is dependent upon locally owned and managed renewable energy generation.

• We value our partnership with nearby communities in New Mexico and Colorado. They are facing the same climate and energy issues we face. We believe we can confront these issues together.

• We value equal access to clean, renewable energy. We believe everyone in our communities at all levels of income is entitled to and should benefit from this access.

• We value our precious water resources. We believe these resources are threatened by dirty energy systems and our waters will be protected if we use renewable energy.

• We value the ability to derive renewable energy from our local lands. Our current energy demands rely on exploiting the lands, waters and resources of others at great distances from where we live. We believe local renewable energy can serve our energy needs in perpetuity while using the grid as a backup.

• We value our community bonds, our local economy and our relationships with all neighbors in our region. We believe building a renewable energy future strengthens these values.

• We value the treasures of the integrity, stability and beauty of our region. We believe we can protect these values by our actions. We have the responsibility of stewardship of our lands and waters for our descendants and ourselves.

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