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Make your own snow dome


Wondering what to do with all this awesome snowfall? How about creating your very own backyard Arctic wonderland? Try your hand at making a snow dome. Igloos are the traditional dwellings of the Inuit people and other communities that live near the Arctic Circle. Because of climate change, indigenous communities are greatly challenged when it comes to continuing their traditional ways, which rely upon lots of snow and ice. It's up to us to continue to teach our own community to help preserve theirs.

Materials needed: Epic snowfall, plastic bucket, lots of time and proper outdoor wear (gloves, big jacket, hat, scarf and snow boots).

The way to start making an igloo is with the plastic bucket; smaller is better, but that depends on how big and thick you want your walls to be. Scoop a little bit of clumpy, sticky snow, then pound the snow to make it compact. Keep doing this until all of the snow is packed down and has reached the top of the bucket/tub. Congratulations, you have made a brick!

To get the brick out you have to gently place the bucket upside down on the ground and pound it five times on top, then three times on the sides. Lift up the bucket and, if the snow doesn't come out, pick the bucket up again and drop it lightly on the snow.

Now you have your brick in place where you want to start building. You can also make all the bricks and place them after, but I suggest doing it when they are ready.

Make more bricks and arrange them in a circle. When you have finished the circle, pack some snow in between the cracks of the bricks. Yay! You have successfully made the first layer of a snow dome!

Keep making the wall until you get to the third layer -- this is where it gets complicated. Slowly place the snow bricks into building a dome. Basically, you place the bricks so they are slightly off to the middle of the previous row. If you want a taller igloo, start slanting the bricks after the fifth or sixth layer, not the third.

Slant the bricks a lot so that it closes off the roof. Now it is time to decorate. I do suggest putting a rug inside. Yay, you have made a snow dome! But don't be surprised when it melts because of climate change. ... So, stop polluting the Earth, become a guardian of snow and ice.


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