'Best Place to Romance': Lovin' it up Taos style


In Taos, the favorite place to woo a partner is the aptly named Love Apple, a Taos restaurant devoted to local, homegrown cooking. It’s housed in a former Catholic chapel. Maybe it’s something about the building’s historic aura that gives people faith they’ll find romance after a meal there.

Ojo Caliente Hot Springs and the magical mountains around Taos tied for second as favorite places to love it up.

Several readers pegged the hot tubs in their backyards as fine places to warm things up with a partner. Others liked KTAOS Solar Center as a hot spot for lovers.

One apparently frequent romancer wrote it was “hard to pick just one.” Another said their favorite spot was “between the river bed of the Río Grande and the top of Wheeler Peak.”

Dancing was the choice of several voters. Either “anywhere Jimmy Stadler is playing,” or “Michael Hearne’s Big Barn dance” or anywhere a couple can sashay on the dance floor as a precursor to a little tango elsewhere.

A few people with apparently limited romantic experience chose the Walmart parking lot as their favorite spot.

One nostalgic voter wrote, “I WISH I were still that young.” Hey, take it from our favorite Dr. Ruth, who’s written whole books about romance and passion after age 50. You are never too old for romance, or a little love.


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