Local lawmakers file bills


The 2018 New Mexico legislative session begins Jan. 16. It is a 30-day session. Following is legislation introduced to date for the 2018 session by state lawmakers representing Taos:

Rep. Roberto "Bobby" J. Gonzales

HB 37 ELEVATOR SAFETY ACT --- Bill creates a law mandating regulations for elevator safety and establishing a commission to oversee compliance and establishing license requirements for elevator mechanics. The law exempts some construction equipment from regulations such as material hoists, mobile scaffolds, towers and platforms; conveyors, cranes, derricks, hoists, hooks, and jacks.

HB 80 ENERGY REDEVELOPMENT BOND ACT -- allows utilities to issue bonds.

HB 81 TRADITIONAL HISTORIC COMMUNITY QUALIFICATIONS -- removes the requirement for a county's unincorporated population to be between 95,000 and 95,500 to qualify as a traditional historic community.

Sen. Carlos R. Cisneros

SB 15 TAX REFUND FOR NATIONAL GUARD ELIGIBILITY -- allows taxpayers to contribute a portion of their tax refund to members of the national guard, regardless of whether they have been deployed overseas, and their families.

SB 16 DEPT. OF MILITARY AFFAIRS CHANGES -- changes the requirements for who can be appointed adjutant general of the National Guard of New Mexico, making requirements gender neutral and changing the highest required qualification from major to colonel or higher office.

SB 17 GROSS RECEIPTS FOR CERTAIN NONPROFITS -- amends existing law to exempt qualifying nonprofits from paying gross receipts taxes to the state including the "receipts of a prime contractor that are derived from operating" a national laboratory, such as Los Alamos National Laboratory.

SB 68 RELEASE OF CERTAIN TAX INFO -- amends existing law to require the release of some taxpayer information for those who claim a rural jobs tax credit.