Local cold-pressed juice company comes to Taos grocers


Santa Fe-based Verde Juice has expanded into Taos, selling at the Taos Market and Cid's Food Market. The locally-owned micro-juicing company makes juice blends that combine the best elements of cold-pressed juice with the nutritious aspects of smoothies. Their cold-pressed blends combine juice with whole-leaf greens, seeds, nuts and spices to boost the fiber, protein and omega fatty acids in each bottle. The result is a delicious juice with a lower glycemic index.

Verde Juice line features 100% certified organic ingredients. As much as half of Verde's ingredients come from local producers during the growing season. The line includes four of their Signature Juice Blends along with three Adaptogenic Wellness Shots.

Egolf launched the company in 2014 after recovering from a jaw surgery that left her unable to chew for four months. "My doctor told me I had to get all of my nutrition from Ensure, which is high-fructose corn syrup with synthetic vitamins and minerals. I told him I could do better, and slid the can of disgusting fake meal replacement back across the table to him," she said in a recent company statement.

Instead, she designed juice smoothie recipes for her own recovery with only fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Verde opened its first location at 851 W. San Mateo in Santa Fe.

Sourcing locally and eliminating processed foods are only two tenants of the social mission at Verde Food. Zero-waste is a goal that permeates every aspect of the food company, which generates a staggering 2,500 pounds of juice pulp every week. Verde partners with the nonprofit Reunity Resources to compost all of its food waste, ultimately returning food scraps to some of the farms that grow produce and herbs later used on Verde's café menu.

At Verde locations, customers can purchase juice in glass bottles, but the juice sold in grocery stores is in BPA-free, recyclable bottles. To encourage recycling, Verde offers a 5¢ credit for every plastic bottle returned to their stores.

Verde Food Company and the Verde Café are located at 851 W San Mateo in Santa Fe, which is also the location of the Verde Café. The company staffs 14 employees at its 4,500 square foot manufacturing center. Find out more at verdefood.com.