Limited green fuelwood open in Peñasco area


A limited number of permits to harvest Ponderosa pine and other trees in two sections of the Camino Real Ranger District will be available starting Monday (July 23).

The Carson National Forest announced the ranger district, based in Peñasco, will sell approximately 150 permits (combined) for two fuelwood areas -- Amole Phase 2 and Río Trampas, located off of State Road 518 north of the Rock Wall and outside of Las Trampas off of State Road 76, respectively.

"The majority of the fuelwood marked in the two fuelwood areas are 5 to 12 inches in diameter and tree species are primarily Ponderosa pine with lesser amounts of white fir, piñon/juniper, and Douglas fir … Any wood removed from national forest land and transported to private property must have a valid fuelwood permit and tag attached. Carson National Forest permits do not transfer to other forests and will expire 45 days after the permit was initially sold," according to a press release from the forest.

"Individuals purchasing permits must possess a valid driver's license and must have the driver's license number(s) for any individuals designated as haulers," the release stated.