Letter: Women blow the lid off


The recent and widespread allegations of sexual assault in the workplace, government and Hollywood have provided women with opportunity to demand that this egregious behavior stop. The fact that women applying for a job, a role, or even just asking for a raise may be subject to predation by decision-makers is just plain unacceptable. Now that so many brave women have come forward to expose this hypocrisy, it is my belief that such conduct will soon cease to be overlooked or denied. To think that a well-qualified, hard-working woman would be preyed upon while seeking employment is just plain wrong.

So, thank you ladies, for your courage in standing up to the indecency in our midst, and encouraging others to do the same. With continued vigilance we may see the less-than-men receive their due, and grow toward rewiring old, outdated thinking that no longer has a place to hide.

– Scott Forbes, Ranchos de Taos