Letter: Why so many bombs?


The U.S. has more nuclear warheads than any other nation, including Russia, China, and North Korea. Yet we continue to add to our nuclear stockpile year by year. We have the capacity to kill all living beings on the earth many times over. Why? What are we afraid of?

We spend billions and billions of dollars each year on increasing our nuclear arsenal. These billions could be spent on upgrading our education system, providing adequate health care for all our citizens, and decent housing for everyone. No one in America should be homeless or be constantly hungry. Yet that is the plight of millions of our fellow citizens.

The U.S. should initiate serious disarmament talks with all the other nuclear nations and bring an end to this insane arms race. The nuclear nations and the rest of the world would greatly benefit from such action.

The conditions in which we let so many millions of our fellow citizens live is a disgrace. Our Congress has been bought and paid for by billionaires some of whom own the companies that are churning out our nuclear weapons. We have a President who is clearly mentally unbalanced and he has his finger on the red button. Who knows when he may choose to push it and start the nuclear war which may very well end all civilization on the earth? We need to stop the nuclear madness before it is too late.

– Norm Ferguson, Taos