Letter: Whoa, whoa, pasen el caldo


The Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo article of 6/29/2017 was very impressive, however, if the record is to be set straight, “They planted the seed that gave us this event that has truly become a part of Taos.” The seven men that Captain Salazar failed to mention are: Anselmo “Chemo” Valerio, Taos County Sheriff elected 1966 at age 27; Captain Frank Armijo, 1st Lieutenant; Carlos Trujillo, 2nd Lieutenant; O.G. Martinez, Sgt. Pat Suazo, Corall Sgt. Ernie Vargas and Undersheriff Ramon Salazar.

The present members came on board after we had spent countless hours on heavy equipment preparing the site where the rodeo arena sits on this date. Courtesy of Mr. Levi Cohn, we were able to transport steel from Pueblo, Colorado, donated by CFI to the posse at no cost. Since our first rodeo in the summer of 1967, the trend of the Posse has been and remains very strong, and the hard work by the members will keep it solvent. 

Good luck in all future endeavors. 

On behalf of our deceased members, I remain,

Anselmo “Chemo” Valerio, former Taos County sheriff