Letter: Vaccines are safe and effective


In response to the Letter to the Editor in The Taos News of Nov. 9 – 15 by Debra Sherry concerning vaccines and holistic medicine, let me say flat out that vaccines are safe and effective. They are one of the greatest accomplishments by humans in our efforts to overcome disease. I have lived for more than 89 years relatively free of many of humanity’s previous and present scourges, e.g. diptheria, smallpox, tetanus, polio, flu, shingles and pneumonia, among others because of vaccinations.

For Ms. Sherry to spread fear and panic so that people will become afraid of these proven protections and fly instead to her little “holistic” practice is outrageous.

“ ... for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were distributed, 1 individual was compensated” for claimed damages according to the National Health Resources & Services Administration. I’m pretty sure that that’s much safer than driving a car!

Truly holistic practice includes not only mental and social factors, but treatment of physical aspects of disease as well. Good medical practice includes all of these. If I were to have holistic treatment, I’d want the practitioner to have an M.D. degree.

– Robert M. Fitch, retired scientist, Upper Las Colonias