Letter: Urge Town of Taos officials to cancel Fourth of July fireworks


 It is midnight. The wind is howling and the Sardinas Canyon fire is raging. My home smells of smoke, and if you live here, yours does too.

This letter is to ask you to join me in urging Mayor Dan Barrone, Town Manager Rick Bellis and the Town Council to cancel all Town firework celebrations for the 4th of July. It is simply not worth the risk. Furthermore, it is unreasonable to expect individuals, especially the inebriated and children, to adhere to your ban with such a large public demonstration.

The expected additional tourism revenue is simply not worth it to anyone but the relatively small handful of people who stand to directly benefit. I don't choose to risk my home and the future of this town so people can sell a few more beers or hotel rooms.

Please join me in urging the Town to consider using all of the manpower budgeted to provide security for the event (both police and fire) to patrol our community and enforce the ban on fireworks and open fires that it has established.

Let us celebrate our Independence by preserving our homes, our trees and our future.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

– Christopher Korody, Taos