Letter: Thanks to search and rescue teams of Taos


I know that several of the people who helped me on that October Saturday will never see this letter, but it is the least I could do to say thank you. I was one of three people with broken ankles that day who were rescued by search and rescue teams. I was only one-third of the way down Williams Lake trail when a tree root and I had a disagreement – the tree root won. TSV Search and Rescue sent a team with a gurney up the rugged, rocky trail. Several young men and women hikers were kind enough to alter their plans and came to the aid of the team (and me). I especially want to thank the two Brits who ran down the trail, helped search and rescue haul the gurney up, then helped haul me down with the assistance of other hikers. And thanks to the young women who tried to relieve the pain with reiki and kept me hydrated. In this time of intense hatred and sorrow, it was heartening to know that some people in the world are compassionate and caring enough to help a complete stranger who is in need. If anyone can let me know how I can contribute to the Search and Rescue teams of Taos, please let me know. Thank you all very much.

– D. A. Ragland, UNM-Taos