Letter: Taos should coordinate concerts better


Although Taos is screaming about what a success this concert was, I’d like to give my opinion about how we thought this town handled the concert. We bought tickets over a month in advance yet had to wait in line with folks who didn’t have tickets. We waited for almost three hours. How about separate lines for ticket holders?

Once we got into the concert, we waited another hour to get a beer. By that time the Mavericks were done and Dwight was coming on. We almost missed that concert. Heard them play but never saw them.

Fortunately, Dwight saved the day. He’s so good and so professional, we forgot how mad we were when we started singing along and dancing to the music. Anything less than Dwight and we literally would have left, it was such an awful experience.

Fast forward a few hours and it’s 10:15. Six thousand people walking out of the concert, many looking for a place to sit and have a beer but nothing is open. The Taos Inn shooing people away with people yelling: We’re Closed! A few tents open at the plaza where thousands congregated.

Really? Really? Is this the best we can do? This is what you think will “Put Taos on the map”? How about being a little prepared? How about giving the restaurants a heads up? How about not closing down our restaurants at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night? I could tell most of these folks weren’t from Taos. Many couldn’t find hotels. They wanted to rent my house! How about giving the town a heads up and figuring out how we’re going to take care of this kind of crowd? Maybe our residents would actually rent properties out?

Because of my background, I couldn’t help wondering: What if there was an emergency with all these people? Terrorism? Accident? Fights? I looked around to see very few law enforcement. No way were they prepared. What about ambulances? Do we have a Emergency Plan in place for this kind of crowd?

Anyway, the whole thing was so mis-managed, I had to comment. Let’s try to do better!

– Susan Kendrick, Taos-area resident