Letter: Taos baffled by backing


I read the front-page article in the 3/22 edition about the trials and travails of developer Jay Batra in his renovation of the Hotel Don Fernando. These include liens resulting from unpaid bills and red tags because of code violations, and heaven only knows what else. Although the renovations have been ongoing for months and months, it seems that only recent hires have provided the good management needed to overcome “remnants of bad decisions”. I don’t know Mr. Batra, but I do know that he has been the driving force behind convincing the town government that Taos needs to permanently abandon its viewshed protections by allowing multi-story hotel construction (with himself as the developer). I am baffled as to why the town would back a developer with such a bad track record and endorse a permanent change in the historic landscape of Taos for the benefit of the developer.

– Eugenia Hauber, Upper Las Colonias.