Letter: Stop speed bump obsession


Please – it’s time to get real and stop putting yourself in an ethical and procedural corner.  Do I have to re-submit my 500 signature petition to Repeal the Speed Bump Resolution? Are the commission and administration going to ignore the concerns of school bus drivers and emergency personnel and county wide residents, to allow Candyce, the commissioner, prerogative to dole out speed bumps as political candy, based on the narrative of “how sad or terrible if someone got hurt or killed” by a speeder?  WHAT?

I’m a reasonable suspicion, provable cause guy – you do not have my permission to waste money resources, to punish me and every driver, by default, as a necessary solution to speeding. It’s a bad habit that needs to end. Even though we were exploring alternative diversions around congestion, all former commissioners cancelled those options by trashing their newly paved roads with speed bumps – with the exception of Ranchitos. Ten or 12 Speed Bumps, had been approved but not yet budgeted, or executed.  I am confident that a fire chief as chair, with grounded reasoning, will prevail over conjecture (and) imposition on free flow. Seems like the most honest housekeeping would be repeal the speed bump resolution and direct complaints about law breakers to the sheriff and lenient judges.

– Neal Thielke, Taos County