Letter to the editor

Letter: SOMOS seeks information about donor


Do you know this woman? SOMOS, the literary society of Taos, wants to know.

Her name is Sue Carol Francis. She lived in Fort Collins, Colorado and had a second home in Sanibel, Florida. She was a realtor, an artist and loved opera. She supported organizations that advocated for peace and democracy. She had a parrot named Dudley but no children. Apparently Sue Carol enjoyed visiting Taos.

SOMOS records show she attended the Taos Storytelling Festival in 2005 and joined the organization that same year.

Sue Carol died on Christmas Day in 2014 at the age of 81. Early in 2016, SOMOS received a letter from Sue Carol's attorney telling the board of directors that SOMOS was named in her will.

The bequest Sue Carol Francis made to SOMOS has enabled the organization to put a down payment on the purchase of its storefront on Civic Plaza Drive thereby giving it a secure foundation for growth. The bequest has allowed for a small nest egg to help SOMOS endure the low times, solidify its literary programs and provide a permanent meeting space for readings, writing workshops, youth programs, and other community gatherings. One person can change a community.

Sue Carol Francis has changed SOMOS – and all of Taos – with her generosity.

We know of no one in Taos who knew this woman. Please, if you did know Sue Carol Francis, contact SOMOS, (575) 758-0081 so we can better write her story into the 35-year SOMOS history of supporting the literary arts, both written and spoken, in Taos and the Southwest.

Thank you Sue Carol Francis, from the members, staff and board of directors of SOMOS.

– Janet Webb, On behalf of SOMOS